[Video] How do I create a two-part form?


While an out-of-the-box, two-part form is not a standard form type in ActiveCampaign, you can still achieve this layout by creating two forms, then adding your second form’s link into your first form’s “submit” action. That way, any contact that supplies their information then clicks “submit” for your first form will be immediately directed to your second form where you can collect more information.

To get started, you’ll first need to create two forms if you haven’t done so already. The first form can be any form type (Lite customers are limited to inline forms only) and is generally used to collect only the name and email address of the contact. The second form must be an inline form and can be used to collect more detailed information, such as birthdate, product interest, and more. The email address field is required on both forms.

Next, grab your second form’s URL. To locate this URL, go to your Forms Overview page and click “Edit” for your second form. Click “Integrate” on the top right of your screen then click the tab that says “Link.” Copy the URL in the Link field.
Navigate to your first form then click the “Options” tab located on the right of your screen.


Under “On Submit,” select “Open URL” from the dropdown.


Paste the second form’s URL into the URL field:


If you want to autofill the contact’s email address in the email address field on the second form, you can use a URL parameter. This will prevent the contact from having to type their email twice. To do so, add the following at the end of the form link:


This is how that link will look:

And you’re done! We recommend testing this with a few different contacts to ensure that your first form directs to your second form when submitted.

For an in-depth look at building multi-step forms in ActiveCampaign, check out this guide

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