Organization field

The Organization field is a default system field and is tied to the Deals section in your account.

This field can be viewed on the Contacts overview page and will be displayed on all contact profile pages in your account, whether or not that field is populated. While this field allows you to keep track of which organization or company your lead works for, you can also use it to sort deals in each stage of your pipeline:


And you can use it as a search option in Deals by clicking the “Search pipeline” field then “Search all pipelines”:



Click here to learn more about filtering and searching deal data.

It is important to note that you can also use this field with contacts that do not have a deal.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the Manage Organizations page in your account, ways you can add new organizations to your account, and how they can be applied to contacts.

Manage Organizations Page

The Manage Organizations page allows you to add, edit, and delete organizations. On this page, you will also see a brief overview of how many contacts belong to a specific organization, and how many deals are tied to a specific organization.

All organizations created that use the system Organization field will be listed on this page. Once an organization is added to this page, it can later be applied to contacts. 

Here is an example of the Manage Organizations page:


To access this page, go to the Contacts overview and click the dropdown next to “Manage Tags.”


Then, select the “Manage Organizations” option from the dropdown list.


You will then be redirected to the Manage Organizations page.

To add a new organization, click the “New Organization” button.


In the modal pop up, type the new organization name and click the “Save” button.


To edit the name of the organization, click the “Edit” button:


To delete an organization from your account, click the dropdown and select “Delete.”


The “Contacts” column will display the number of contacts in your account that are associated with each organization. Clicking the number will bring up a modal pop up where you can view those contacts.


If you click on any of the contacts from that modal, you will be redirected to their profile page.

The “Deals” column will list the number of Deals that are associated with this organization. The deals can have any status. Clicking that number will bring up a modal pop up where you can view those deals:


You will not be directed to the Deals page if you click on Deal from that modal.

Other methods of adding new organizations to your account

There are four other methods to adding Organizations to your account. They include:

  1. Manually from the Contact profile page by clicking “Click to add an Organization” and then clicking “Add a New Organization.”


  2. Using the Update Field > Organization option in the bulk editor:


  3. Using the Update Contact > Update Contact automation action:


  4. Upon contact import by mapping the system Organization field to your organization column:


Each of these four methods will also add a the new Organization value to applicable contacts. All organizations can be managed on the Manage Organizations page.

Applying organizations to your contacts

There are two ways that you can select a current Organization and apply it to your contacts:

  1. Manually from the Contact profile page by clicking “Click to add an Organization” and then clicking the appropriate organization from the dropdown:


  2. Using the Update Field > Organization option in the bulk editor:


You can also use the Update Contact automation action to apply a current Organization value to your contacts. However, what you type in that field must exactly match the Organization listed on your Manage Organizations page.


If it does not, it will create a new Organization in your account and will be applied to all contacts that encounter that automation action.

Note: This field is available for accounts on the Plus, Professional, and Enterprise tiers.

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