How do I export campaign report data in ActiveCampaign?


You can export data from a campaign report to a CSV file for your own internal record keeping.

In this article, we'll list all campaign report data that can be exported to a CSV file and walk you through the export steps.  

Campaign report data you can export

Listed below is a list of items from a campaign report that you can export. Note that each item listed below will be exported into its own CSV file. 

  • Opens: List of contacts who received your email and opened it
  • Non-opens: List of contacts who received your email but did not open it
  • Link clicks: List of all links in your campaign. Also displays the number of unique and total clicks for each link.
  • Clicks per link: Lists unique contacts that clicked each link in your campaign
  • Geo: Lists contacts who interacted with your campaign and where they are located. 
  • Forwards: List of contacts that forwarded your email using the "Send to a friend" link. Displays date of the forward and number of times they forwarded
  • All social shares: Lists shares to Facebook and Twitter
  • Social shares to Facebook: Lists shares to Facebook
  • Social shares to Twitter: Lists mentions on Twitter
  • Unsubscribes: List of contacts who received your email and clicked the unsubscribe link
  • Email clients: List of email clients used by your contacts (eg, Gmail, Yahoo, etc)
  • Campaigns Performance: Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Aggregate data of all sent campaigns in your account. This includes both campaigns and automation emails. Learn more about the Campaigns Performance report

How to export campaign report data

1. Click "Reports" in the left menu.


1. Click "Campaigns" > "All Campaigns." 


2. Reports for all sent campaigns will be displayed. Click the campaign you wish to export data from.

3. From the left menu, under "Overview," click the section you wish to export. You can choose from Opens/Reads, Clicks, GEO, Forwards, Social, Replies, Updates, Unsubscribes, or Email Clients.

If you wish to export contacts who bounced, click "Bounces" located in the Summary box on your Campaign Overview report.

Bounces in the Summary Box.png

4. On the top right of the application, you will see an "Export" link. Click this link to export the campaign data displayed on your screen.

Export link in campaign reports.png

Please note that it is not possible to export the Campaign Overview report.

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