What is a list owner?

The list owner is an account user and their language settings determine the language associated with that list. This means that if a user has selected French for their language settings and is a list owner, all contacts on that list will see French instead of English on the public pages for your account (eg, “Unsubscribes” and “Forward to a Friend” pages).

Note: Text editable by users on these public pages may not reflect the language of the list owner. You may need to provide your own translations to the editable text on these pages. These pages can be accessed by going to Lists > Dropdown for list > Advanced Settings > Public pages.

With every list you create, the primary admin on your account is the default owner of that list. However, you can update the list owner to be any user on your account.

To update the list owner, go to the Lists overview page and click the dropdown for the list you wish to assign a new owner to:


Click the “Advanced Settings” option from the dropdown:


Click the List Owner dropdown and select the new owner by clicking them.


Note that the dropdown lists user groups with users underneath. This is to show you which group a user belongs to. Only individual users can be selected as owners.

Then click the “Save” button.


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