How do I assign deal tasks in ActiveCampaign?


Deal tasks are to-do items created for deals. Tasks can be assigned or reassigned to a user who has permission to access the deal's pipeline. 

To assign a task:

  1. Click Deals > Tasks on the left menu.
  2. Locate the task you wish to assign to another user.
  3. Click the task name or the "View" button for that task.

    Click the Task name or View button of the task to edit.jpg

  4. This will bring you to the Deal record. Click on the task to open the "Edit Task" modal.
  5. Click the "Assigned To" dropdown and click the account user you wish to assign the task to.
  6. Click the "Save Task" button.

An email notification will be sent to the user, letting them know that a task has been assigned to them.

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