Send automated notifications to deal owners

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

You can send automated notifications to deal owners as soon as contacts complete a desired behavior or when a deal is added or updated in a pipeline.

To set this up, follow the steps below:

1. Click "Automations" to navigate to the Automations Overview page.

2. Click "Edit" for the automation you wish to work with.  

3. Click "Sending Options" in the right menu.

4. Click the "Send a notification email" option.

send notification email

3. Drag the notification action to your desired spot in your automation.

4. Click the person icon in the next to the "Send to" field and click the "Deal Owner: Email address" option.

Click the personalize option

5. Click the "Save" button.

Click save

The following personalization tag will be added to the "Send to" field: %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL%

Personalized send to field

6. Complete the remainder of the notification email fields.  

7. Click the "Add" button when finished.

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