Best practices for maintaining your account



Listed below are our top five recommendations that you can use to better organize the information in your account. We recommend reviewing data in your account once per quarter. 

Note that some products may not be available in your account based on your plan.

Review your lists. Do you have several lists? Is the messaging the same or similar for more than one of them? If so, you may want to consider consolidating your lists using the bulk edit tool, and use tags to create list segments.

Review tags in the tag manager and revisit your tagging strategy. This will serve as a great reminder for what you already have before you add any new ones. If you find that you have tags that are similar to each other, you can choose to merge them to consolidate them. If you see any tags that have not been applied to any contacts or if a tag no longer fits your needs, you can delete them.

Click here to read how you can use tags to keep your contacts organized.

Review your campaign templates. Do you need to make any updates to your current templates or create new ones? Do they still accurately reflect your brand?
What types of messages do you want to send over the course of the next year?

Review automations. This is a great opportunity for you to re-engage with any “set it and forget it” automations you may have created a while back. Make sure to check the following to make sure they still align with your brand and strategy:

  • Messaging content
  • Email images
  • Goals
  • Triggers

In addition, you’ll want to check your sender information (eg, from name, from email address, physical mailing address) to ensure it’s still accurate and up-to-date.

If you have any automations marked as active that you will no longer need, you can make them inactive. We also recommend checking your labels and leveraging them to help you organize your automations and to create a naming convention if you don’t have one already.

Review/re-test forms and integrations to make sure they’re still syncing contacts and any other information correctly to your account. We also recommend checking your Forms labels and leveraging them to help keep you organized.

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