How do I tag contacts when they submit my ActiveCampaign form?

You can tag contacts when they submit a form. This is useful for keeping track of where your contacts originated from and identifying their interests. For instance, you might tag a contact as having submitted a form on your blog and as interested in the topic of the white paper they requested. You can use this information to send targeted offers and track the performance of the forms you've placed on your site, among other things.

In this article, we'll cover:

How to tag contacts with a Form action

This tag is created on the form level. A tag will be applied to contacts that submit your form and complete the opt-in process. If your form is using a double opt-in, and contacts do not confirm their subscription, the tag will not be applied to them.

To get started:

1. Go to "Forms" from the left navigation menu.

2. Click "Edit" next to your form.

3. Click the “Options” tab.

4. Click “Add Action” under “Form Action.”

5. Click the Action dropdown and click “Add a Tag.”

6. Type the tag into the tag field and click the “Add” button.

How to tag contacts with an Automation action

You can trigger an automation to run when a contact submits your ActiveCampaign form, then add an “Add a tag” action to your automation.

Note that if your form is using "Subscribe to a list" action and has double opt-in enabled, contacts will be added to the automation once they complete the double opt-in process.

1. From the Form builder, click the Trigger Automation" button.

2.  A new automation will be created and you will be redirected automatically to the automation builder. Note that the automation is already set to "Active" and the trigger is set to run multiple times.

From here, click either node ("+" symbol) to add an "Add a tag" action.

In the example below, we'll add it below the notification action.

3. A modal window will appear where you can add a new action. Click "Contacts" in the left menu of this window.

4. Click the "Add a Tag" action.

5. In the "Add a Tag" action field, type the tag you wish to apply to all contacts who submit your form. Note that you can add multiple tags in this step.

6. When finished, click the "Save" button.

The "Add a tag" action will be added to your automation:

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