How do I tag contacts when they submit my ActiveCampaign form?

With ActiveCampaign, you can apply a tag to every contact who submits your form. This helps you keep track of where contacts come from and what interests them. For example, you might tag a contact as interested in a certain topic if they submit a form on your blog. You can use this information to send targeted offers and track the performance of the forms you've placed on your site, among other things.

How to tag contacts with a Form action

This tag is created on the form level. Every contact who submits this form will receive the same tag. If your form is using a double opt-in, contacts will not receive the tag until they confirm their subscription.

1. Click "Website" on the left menu of your account.

2. Locate the form you wish to work with, then click the "Edit" button.

3. The form builder will load. All editing and style options will appear in the right pane. Click the "Options" tab.

4. Locate the "Form Action" box and click the "Add Action" button.

sarahnicholaev - Form

5. A modal window will appear:

  • Click the "Action" dropdown
  • Click the "Add a Tag" option
  • Type the tag into the field provided
  • Click the "Add button

How to tag contacts with an Automation action

You can trigger an automation to run when a contact submits your ActiveCampaign form. When a contact enters your automation, you can add a tag to them with the "Add a tag" automation action.

Note that if your form is using the "Subscribe to a list" action and has double opt-in enabled, contacts will be added to the automation once they complete the double opt-in process.

1. From the Form builder, click the Trigger Automation" button.

sarahnicholaev - Form

2.  You will be redirected to the automation builder. The automation will use the "Submits form" trigger with the form selected. This trigger is set to "Run Once" but you can change this if you need to.

3. Click the "Contacts" dropdown on the right pane.

4. Drag the "Add a tag" action to your automation.

4. A modal window will appear:

  • Type the tag into the field provided
  • Click the "Save" button when finished

5. When ready, click the "Active" button on the top right to turn your automation on.

As contacts submit your form, they will be added to this automation and will receive the tag you specified.

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