[Video] How do I share an automation?


The automation share link lets you quickly share your automations with other ActiveCampaign users. The automation will be shared as it exists when you click the “Share” button. Any modifications made after the share link is generated will not be included. To share an updated version of an automation, you will need to create a new link.

To learn how to share your automation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Automations overview page.
  2. Click the down caret for the automation you wish to share.


  3. Click the “Share” option.

A share link will be automatically generated for you. Any ActiveCampaign user you share this link with will be able to import your automation


Pro tip: You can also generate share links in order to create back ups of your automations. Simply copy the share link and store it in a spreadsheet or other document outside of your account.

Note: Only the automation itself and any messages it uses will be shared. Campaigns, lists, scores, deals, pipelines, events, and whitelisted domains that are referenced will not be shared. If any of these items are referred to in the automation you wish to share, the user who is importing this automation will be prompted to update these settings.

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