How do I export deals from my ActiveCampaign account?

You can use the "Export" button to export deals from a pipeline into a CSV file. Doing so lets you extract and manipulate deal data outside of your ActiveCampaign account. 

Note that you'll need permission to export deals.

To get started:

1. Click "Deals" in the left menu of your ActiveCampaign account.

2. Select the pipeline you wish to export deals from by clicking it.

Click pipeline dropdown

Filter your deals then export the results

Use the dropdown fields at the top of your pipeline to filter deals by deal details, custom deal fields, deal owner, deal status, and contact tags then export those results.

3. Click the "Export" button.

Click the export button.

The export will download into a CSV file right away. It will contain the following deal details as well as your custom deal fields:

  • Deal ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Value
  • Currency
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Pipeline
  • Stage
  • Primary contact name
  • Primary contact email
  • Primary contact ID
  • Secondary contact: email, name ID
  • Deal created date/time 
  • Deal last updated date/time

Advanced: How to export deals using the API

You can export Deals by using the “List all deals” API call. This API call will fetch Deal information and send it to an interface that you create and maintain. The API endpoints will return a collection of items. The collection of items are paginated and will display 20 per page by default, however, you can manually set it to 100 per page (the maximum). If you have more than 100 deals that you wish to export via API, you will need to make multiple API requests. You can read more about Pagination here.

This is an advanced feature and requires knowledge of working with APIs.

To learn more about this specific API call, click here.

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