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As of February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo require that you own your own domain and set up authentication for it. If you do not own a domain, you can easily purchase one within ActiveCampaign.

Take note

Domain purchases are managed through a partner domain registrar, IONOS. All billing for any purchased domains is handled by IONOS. ActiveCampaign does not manage the billing, registration, renewal, or expiration of the domains you purchase through IONOS.

How to buy a domain

  1. Click Settings on the left menu, and then click Advanced.
  2. In the “Sending Domain” box, click “Buy Domain.”
  3. Enter the name of a domain you would like to purchase.

    Enter the name of a domain in the field.png

  4. This will open a new tab with IONOS, ActiveCampaign’s partner, for domain registration. IONOS will tell you if this domain or similar domains are available.
  5. Once you have chosen a domain name, checkout and pay with IONOS via your preferred payment method.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation directly from IONOS. Before moving on, you must click the verification link in the confirmation email to verify your email address with IONOS.

      IONOS will send you email communications. It is very important that you open and carefully read these emails. For example, if you do not click the verification link from Ionos, your domain could be de-registered.

    Your order is placed modal in ActiveCampaign.png

  7. After purchasing your domain in IONOS, go to the ActiveCampaign Advanced Settings page. We will set up the ActiveCampaign DNS authentication records for you through our integration with IONOS automatically. You can check your domain verification and authentication status in Settings > Advanced Settings in ActiveCampaign. Once we are done setting up the ActiveCampaign DNS authentication records, you should see that your domain is “Verified” and “Authenticated."

      It can take up to 24 hours for a new domain to be set up as “Authenticated” and “Verified” in ActiveCampaign.

    If the domain verification is not showing up as “Verified” after 24 hours, remove the domain and re-add via the “Configure a domain” button. This will populate the necessary DNS records in IONOS. Learn more about the “Configure a domain” method when connecting your sending domain.

Important Information after purchasing a new domain

Warm up your new domain

After you purchase a new domain, it's important to warm up the domain properly. You should not use it for bulk emailing for 48 hours to avoid being identified as a spammer. Learn how to warm up a new sending domain.

Set up email forwarding

If you have set up a new domain, you must set up email forwarding. Email forwarding allows you to forward replies to messages sent from your new domain, for example,, to another email address you own, like You must set up email forwarding to receive replies to messages sent from your new domain.

If you purchased the domain through IONOS, it’s free and easy to set up email forwarding to an address you control. Learn how to set up email forwarding for your new domain with IONOS.

IONOS also offers free business email to anyone who purchases a domain through IONOS. Read here about setting up free email forwarding with IONOS Basic.

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