Recurring Payments for WooCommerce & PayPal

April 11, 2024 • Ecommerce


We are excited to announce the release of Recurring Payments, now available for WooCommerce and PayPal. This new feature enables subscription businesses to deliver superior customer experiences needed to foster loyalty, increase retention rates, and drive sustainable growth. By automating tasks, personalizing communication, and proactively addressing customer needs–businesses can create seamless and engaging subscription journeys that keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.


Key Features

  • Dedicated triggers to manage communications

    Head to Automations and find ‘Recurring Payments Created’ and ‘Recurring Payments Updated’ triggers to build automations that manage subscription-related interactions.

  • Contact details for streamlining customer service

    Head over to 'Contacts' to access details about your customers' recurring payments and orders, that facilitates seamless customer success.

  • Segmentation for personalized and targeted marketing efforts

    Leverage the segment builder to categorize your customer base into specific groups according to factors like subscription tier and past purchase behavior. 



  • Maximize customer engagement throughout the subscription journey

    Sets up automated email campaigns to engage customers at pivotal moments throughout their subscription journey, starting with a welcome email to nurture their loyalty.

  • Boost revenue with automated cross and upsell campaigns

    With the help of our intelligent Product Recommendations feature, create strategic email campaigns that recommend complementary products or enticing upgrades.

  • Eliminate payment failures with automated reminders

    Notify subscribers via email if their payment fails, offering assistance in updating payment information or resolving billing issues.


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