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January 24, 2024 • Campaigns

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We’ve enhanced the email set up experience in the platform so you can easily set up an email, kick-off an automation, and send to your targeted audience- all in one place!


Key Features

  • Fewer required fields

    Start by entering your subject line and from name, and then select a list/segment for recipients. You can always revisit to edit or update as needed.

  • Centralized access to lists and settings

    Access lists and settings in this single, centralized location, eliminating the time needed to adjust in different steps.

  • Flexibility to jump into content or design

    Start on the campaign workflow page or select the email template preview box to experiment with designs and refine your email message.



  • Streamline marketing efficiency to focus on things that matter

    By consolidating email set up, automation initiation, and audience targeting into one platform, users can complete their tasks more efficiently without navigating between multiple interfaces.

  • Reduce time to value with centralized control

    Providing centralized access to lists and settings means users have everything they need at their fingertips, minimizing the time spent searching for specific tools or settings scattered across different menus.

  • Improved user experience to allow flexibility

    The flexibility to seamlessly transition between content creation and design empowers users to focus on what matters most: crafting compelling emails that resonate with their audience, without getting bogged down by technical barriers or interface limitations.


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