LinkedIn Ads Integration with ActiveCampaign

April 30, 2024 • Integrations

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We are excited to announce the release of LinkedIn Ads, now available for customers on Marketing Plus+, Sales Professional+, and Marketing + Sales Plus+. This new feature enhances the functionality of our product, providing users with a direct connection to their LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Create and update contacts directly when a new form is submitted, registering someone for an event or


Key Features

  • Sync contacts directly to ActiveCampaign when they submit a Sponsored or Organic Lead Form on LinkedIn

  • Trigger automation workflows when a new form is submitted or a form is updated

  • Track engagement on the contact record with custom objects for each form submitted



  • Deliver tailored follow-up experiences
    Utilize captured information from LinkedIn to deploy personalized messages, ensuring every interaction resonates with your audience.
  • Seamlessly manage your leads within ActiveCampaign
    Organize, segment, and prioritize leads to optimize your marketing strategies effectively. Better understand your audience and tailor your messaging for maximum engagement.
  • Leverage ActiveCampaign's powerful automation capabilities
    Trigger personalized workflows based on lead actions, nurturing prospects through every stage of the customer journey.


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