Connect WhatsApp by Spoki to ActiveCampaign



Use WhatsApp by Spoki in your marketing automation strategy to communicate effectively with your customers. For example, you can use this integration to:

  • Send outbound messages through ActiveCampaign automations
  • Receive inbound messages from WhatsApp and respond to conversations from contact and deal records in ActiveCampaign
  • Store conversation records in your ActiveCampaign account

Take note

  • This integration is currently available to ActiveCampaign customers in the North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • ActiveCampaign customers must be on a paid Spoki plan
  • Before you can use this integration, you will need to apply for activation of the Spoki platform and have the following:
  • Learn how to activate your Spoki account

Benefits and use cases of the WhatsApp by Spoki integration


  • Integrate WhatsApp messaging inside ActiveCampaign; no need for complex webhooks
  • Initiate 1:1 WhatsApp conversations from automations to send marketing campaigns
  • View and respond to Whatsapp messages within an iframe window inside of ActiveCampaign, providing you with a unified platform for all your messaging needs
  • Keep a pulse on customer interactions with a complete history of your 2-way WhatsApp conversations accessible in your contacts record on ActiveCampaign
  • Leverage the convenience of a click-to-send WhatsApp message button within ActiveCampaign, facilitating instantaneous communication right from a contact record
  • Attach and send diverse materials to your customers — from images and PDFs to audio and videos
  • Trigger automations in ActiveCampaign when a WhatsApp event is triggered — build intelligent, responsive workflows that capture every nuanced customer interaction

Use cases:

  • Send notifications to the contacts, such as appointment reminders and payment deadlines
  • Send promotional communications such as information on your products and services.
  • Attach images, PDFs, GIFs, audio, and video to your communications
  • Cross-sell and upsell your products and services to your most loyal customers
  • Communicate with customers through their favorite communication channels
  • Recover abandoned carts and ask for reviews
  • Keep your customers updated about their purchase(s)

For more information on what this integration can do for you, read ActiveCampaign and Spoki: 3 ways to improve your Company’s performance.

Embed the Whatsapp chat window on a contact or deal record for 2-way messaging

Adding the WhatsApp chat window to a contact or deal record allows for 2-way messaging in ActiveCampign.

Set up your approved WhatsApp template inside Spoki to obtain your Step ID. The Step ID determines which WhatsApp message is sent to the recipient from ActiveCampaign.

  Open up multiple windows when setting up the integration, as you will need to copy and paste Step IDs and Automation IDs.

  1. Set up your WhatsApp template inside Spoki:
    • Log into your Spoki account
    • Create your WhatsApp “template” message in the following path: Menu > Templates > New
    • Give a title to your message. Click “Save” and wait for the approval by WhatsApp (it can take up to 48 hours)
    • After the approval of the message, you can create a new automation in Spoki
  2. Set up your Spoki automation to obtain your Step ID:
    • From Spoki, click “Automations” on the left panel
    • Click “Your automatic action” at the bottom.
    • Select “ActiveCampaign”
    • Click “Add” on the bottom right corner
    • Click “Save” on the top right corner to get your Step ID
    • If this is your 1st time authenticating your ActiveCampaign account with Spoki, please authenticate with your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key
    • Save your Step ID by clicking on the box or right-click to copy the number
  3. Add the Step ID into your WhatsApp automation inside of ActiveCampaign:
    • Log into your ActiveCampaign account
    • Click Automations on the left menu
    • Click on an existing WhatsApp message automation or create a new automation by clicking “Create an automation” on the top right corner
    • Select “Add a start trigger.”
    • Click “Apps” on the left panel
    • Select “Spoki Automation”
    • There are two triggers you can choose from:
      • “Spoki Automation is created” - Contacts are pulled into the automation from the new Spoki Automation you created in Step 2, This trigger cannot be used with any other automation trigger. You can use only one filter to segment this trigger
      • “Spoki Automation is updated” - Contacts are pulled into the automation when a field you specify changes from one value to another in the Spoki Object record. This trigger cannot be used with any other automation trigger. You can use only one filter to segment this trigger
    • For either trigger, select “Segment Spoki Automations,” then select Step ID.
    • Keep the condition as “is”
    • Enter the Step ID from Step 1. Click “Save”
  4. Start the Spoki Automation in Spoki to create the Whatsapp message window in ActiveCampaign:
    • Go back to your Spoki account
    • Locate the Spoki automation you had created in Step 1
    • Click “Start manually,” then enter your phone number
    • Click “Start automation now”
    • Reconfirm by clicking “Start automation now”
      • To verify if your message was sent, refresh the page with the Spoki automation. Then click the number icon to the right of the Step ID. You will see a timestamp record of the conversation
    • Go back to your ActiveCampaign account. Locate the contact who received the WhatsApp Message
    • Scroll down the contact record, and you will see a “Spoki Automations” object tab and a “WhatsApp by Spoki” chat window
    • Click the WhatsApp conversation in the “WhatsApp by Spoki” chat window to open up the conversation
    • Respond to any 2-way Whatsapp messaging inside ActiveCampaign, send a message with a different template, and add notes. Any automation in Spoki can trigger an automation in ActiveCampaign and vice versa

  Respond to message within 24 hours. This can be done from a contact or deal record in ActiveCampaign or by logging into your Spoki account.

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