Calendly integration error message: "There was an error saving your Connection."




When I connect the Calendly integration, I see a “There was an error saving your Connection” message.

Solution 1
You need a Calendly account on the Professional, Teams, or Enterprise plan for this integration to work. Check your Calendly Plan tier and ensure you are on an eligible plan.

Solution 2
If you recently changed your Calendly plan tier, you’ll want to:

  1. Wait an hour before attempting to connect the Calendly integration.
  2. If you can’t connect after the hour, contact Calendly Support to confirm you have access to the upgraded plan features.
  3. Once confirmed, disconnect the integration in ActiveCampaign, then re-connect it.

Solution 3
If your Calendly event was created by someone else, check that your user has the correct permissions in Calendly.

Solution 4
Check for and remove any emojis in your Calendly event titles. 

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