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June 11, 2024 • CRM

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You can now trigger automated workflows when files are downloaded from a direct 1:1 email. Triggering an automation based on file downloads from direct emails enhances engagement, allows for timely follow-up, and provides valuable insights to optimize marketing communication and sales strategies.



  • Automate timely follow up with your contacts based on their interaction with a file.

  • Adjust lead scores and prioritize follow-up efforts based on file downloads. A downloaded file may indicate higher interest or engagement with your content, which can influence lead scoring and segmentation.

  • Personalize communication based on the specific file downloaded. For instance, if a prospect downloads a product brochure, you can automatically send them additional product information or promotions tailored to their interests.


Use Cases

  • Send a follow up email when someone downloads a file
  • Schedule a follow up appointment or call based on a download
  • Assign a task to a team member to discuss the content of the downloaded file


Setup Instructions

  • ActiveCampaign for Sales - Plus, Professional, and Enterprise
  • ActiveCampaign Marketing & Sales Bundle - Plus, Professional, and Enterprise
  • 2024 ActiveCampaign plans - Pipelines add-on and Pipelines & Sales Engagement add-on
  • Must have a connected email established to access the feature


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