Filtering and searching deal data

Filters on the Deals page lets you display deals that match criteria you set. You can filter deals by using the dropdowns provided, or you can use the advanced filter option. In addition to the filtering option, you can also search for specific deals within a single pipeline or all pipelines by using the "Search Pipeline" search field.

In this article, we'll show you how to filter deals within a pipeline and how to search for deals.

Filtering deal data

The Deals page has a pipeline dropdown that you can use to view deals by any pipeline in your account:

Under the pipeline dropdown, you will see additional filters:

  • Deal Owner - Account user who is assigned to the deal.
  • Status - Status of the deal. Can either be Open, Won, or Lost.
  • Tags - Any tags you created that have been applied to contacts.

You can filter deals within the selected pipeline by clicking any of the dropdowns, then selecting the value to filter deals by. You can filter deals using one, some, or all of the available dropdowns.

Once you've selected your filters, we'll automatically display all deals that match your criteria.

Clicking the "Advanced" button located next to the dropdowns presents additional filtering options.

Here you can filter deals by:

  • Created date range
  • Updated date range
  • Deal value range
  • Next task type
  • Keyword or phrase
  • Score value

Once you have finished entering your filter options, click "Apply." We'll then list all deals within the selected pipeline that match your criteria. Note that the more options you use with the advanced filter, the more narrow the results will become. 

Searching deal data

The pipeline search field on the Deals page lets you search for deals within the selected pipeline or all pipelines.

To search for deals by the selected pipeline, click the "Search Pipeline" field and begin typing your search term. As you type, we'll display deals within the selected pipeline that contain your search term.

To search for deals within all pipelines, click the "Search Pipeline" field, type your search term, and click "Search all pipelines."

The page will reload and display your results.

On the left side of the screen, you'll see filters where you can further refine your search. All deals that contain your criteria will be listed on the right.

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