How do I change my plan?

If you are the Primary Account Admin, you can access the Billing & Upgrade page to change your plan and contact limit.

Changing your plan is easy and can be done at any time during your billing cycle. We will not automatically upgrade or downgrade your plan as you approach your contact limit. 

To update your plan:

  1. Click your name on the bottom left of your screen.
  2. A modal window will appear. Click "Billing & Upgrade."
  3. To adjust your contact limit, move the contact slider left or right. Notice the prices on the right will also adjust. Click “Annually” to see the cost per year.
  4. To change your plan tier, click the plan of your choice

If you choose to upgrade your plan in the middle of your billing cycle, we’ll charge you a prorated fee to cover that upgrade. For example, let’s say you are on a Plus plan at $49 per month, and you wish to upgrade to the Enterprise plan at $149 per month. We would charge you a prorated fee of $74.50 to cover your upgrade for the rest of your billing cycle, then charge you $149 when your new billing cycle begins.

If you need assistance with downgrading to the Lite plan, please submit a Support ticket using the email address associated with the Primary Account Admin. 

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