How do I bulk add or remove a group of contacts to an automation?

You can use the Bulk Editor tool to add or remove several contacts to an active automation(s) at once. When contacts are added to or removed from an automation using this method, this is considered a "manual add/remove" vs. being pulled into or out of an automation through a trigger.

To learn how to add or remove a group of contacts from an automation with the bulk editor, follow these steps:

1. Click "Contacts" to navigate to the Contacts overview page. 

2. Next, you'll want to define the group of contacts that you want to add to your automation with an advanced search. To do so, click the "Search Contacts" field then click "Advanced Search."

3. The Segment Builder will appear at the top of the screen.

You can now define the conditions that specify the group of contacts you want to add. Note that you can use “AND” conditions, to make the group more specific, or “OR” conditions, to broaden the group. Once you've finished adding your search conditions, click "Search."

In this example, we're going to search for everyone who has a tag, "Engaged."

4. The advanced search will display all contacts who meet the conditions you set. To add them all to an automation or remove the segmented group from an automation, click the "Edit All" button.

5. The Bulk Edit tool will open. Click the "Add to automation" action. If you are using the Bulk Editor to remove a group of contacts from an automation, click the "Remove from automation" action.

6. A dropdown window will appear. Click the dropdown field and select the automation you wish to add the contacts to (or remove them from).

7. Based on your intention, click either the "Add to automation" or "Remove from automation" button.

8. Click the "Apply Changes" button.

9. A confirmation box will appear. Click the "Apply changes" button to confirm the bulk edit.

Once you click the confirmation button, the action cannot be cancelled or undone.

The bulk editor will then add or remove the contacts from your advanced search into the automation. You can click the "OK" button to close the window. Depending on how many contacts are being added to or removed from the automation, the process may take a few minutes to complete.

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