Automation Overview Report

The Automation Overview report provides overall automation statistics as well as performance statistics for individual automation campaigns.

In this article, we will discuss:

How to find the Automation Overview Report

To locate the Automation Overview Report, follow these steps:

1. Click "Reports" from the left side navigation.

2. Click "Automation Reports" located in the left side menu.

3. The Automation Reports menu will expand. Click "All Automations."

The Automation Reports page will load and will list all automations in your account. Each automation will display the number of messages in an automation, the number of contacts in automation, percent of contacts that interacted, percent of contacts completed, and recently added contacts.

Click any automation listed to view its Overview report.

The top of the Overview report for an automation will display a visual summary of the workflow. Under that, we will list all campaigns in the automation. This will include campaigns that are currently in your automation, as well as emails that were removed from your automation.

We'll also provide an activity stream, summary report, and list which contacts opened or clicked your automation campaigns.

How to view individual automation campaign statistics

To view the statistics for an individual automation campaign, click the campaign name from the Automation Overview report page:

The report for that campaign will load.

At the top of the page, you can view the daily open trend or the hourly open trend.

Under the trend graph, we'll also display an activity stream for your campaign. This will show you which contacts engaged with your email, which action they took, and when they took that action.

Clicking any contact in the Campaign Activity Stream section will redirect you to their profile page.

In the Summary section, we'll show you how many contacts were sent the email, and display the following statistics:

  • Opens: Open rate for the campaign
  • Clicks: Click through rate for the campaign
  • Forward: Percent of contacts who clicked the Forward to a friend link
  • Unsubscribes: Percent of contacts who clicked the unsubscribe link
  • Bounces: Percent of contacts who bounced

Clicking any of the statistics in the Summary section will redirect you to a list of contacts who who opened, clicked forwarded, unsubscribed, or bounced.

In the Engagements section, a doughnut chart will display the percent of contacts who opened the campaign, and the percent of contacts who did not.

Viewing the Automation Activity Stream

The Automation Activity stream will display the most recent interactions made by contacts with your automation campaigns. This includes opens, clickthroughs, forwards, and shares.

Clicking any one of the contacts listed here will redirect you to their profile page.

Viewing the Automation Summary

This section will tell you how many contacts entered your automation. In addition, the summary will also show the following:

  • Finished: How many contacts have completed the automation
  • Emails sent: The number of email campaigns the automation has delivered.
  • Opens: The open rate for the automation’s sent campaigns.
  • Clicks: The clickthrough rate for the automation’s sent campaigns.

Viewing Engagements

This section displays which contacts engaged with your automation campaigns.

Clicking a contact's avatar will open a new tab and direct you to their profile page.

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