Where can I find automation reports? What reports are available?

To view automation reports, navigate to the reports overview by clicking “Reports” in the top menu.

In the left-hand sidebar you’ll see headings for:

  • Campaigns
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  1. Click “Campaigns” (it may already be open).
  2. Under the “Campaigns” heading, you’ll see “Automation” listed below “Single Campaign”. Clicking it will bring up reports for all your active automations:

  3. Click an automation’s name to open its reports.

Report sections


The automation’s “Overview” report will open first. You’ll see a visual summary of the workflow at the top and and some general reports on:

  • Automation activity stream

    Displays the most recent interactions with campaigns the automation has sent including opens, clickthroughs, forwards, and shares.

  • A summary showing:

    • Finished: How many contacts have completed the automation
    • Emails sent: The number of email campaigns the automation has delivered.
    • Opens: The open rate for the automation’s sent campaigns.
    • Clicks: The clickthrough rate for the automation’s sent campaigns.
  • Engagements

    Gives you a visual representation of what percentage of the campaigns the automation sent were opened, unopened, and bounced.


The “Contacts” report will display all the contacts in the automation and those that have completed the automation.

You’ll see the date that they entered the automation. Clicking on the “Entered” column heading will switch between sorting the contacts by most recent and least recent.

You can export this list of contacts by clicking “Export” in the top right of the page.

Clicking on a contact will take you to their Contact page.

“Recent Activity”

The “Recent Activity” report displays the same information as the “Contacts” report but displays the most recent data first.

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