How do I cancel my account?



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Cancel your account

If you are the Primary Admin on your account, you can start the cancellation process from your Billing & Upgrade page.

Depending on your plan, we may need you to schedule a free 1:1 session with a member of our Success team. These one-on-one sessions ensure a smooth transition process and answer any questions before you cancel. You will be asked to schedule this session during the cancellation process. 

If you wish to pause billing for your account instead, please see the Pause billing for your ActiveCampaign account article. 

  1. Click your name on the bottom left of your screen and click "Billing & Upgrade."
  2. Click the "Cancel my account" option.
  3. If required, follow the steps to schedule your free one-on-one session. If not, we welcome you to schedule this session. You can also click the "Yes, Cancel My Account" button.  
  4. For customers who click the "Yes, Cancel My Account" button, select why you wish to cancel. You'll have another opportunity to schedule a free session, or you can click "No thanks, I want to cancel."
  5. Click the "Cancel Account" button

Cancelation for Commit Annually, Pay Monthly plans

For applicable regions and plans, you can choose a Commit Annually, Pay Monthly, where the account can receive up to 10% off by still paying monthly by committing to an annual plan. When you agree to an annual subscription period, any cancelation request will take effect at the end of your annual subscription period. Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

Cancel trial accounts

If you are on a trial account, you can let it expire. We will not charge you unless you manually upgrade to a paid account.

Cancel resold accounts

If your account is under an ActiveCampaign service provider, you must contact them for further assistance with the cancellation process.

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