I was using InfusionSoft, how do I get started with ActiveCampaign?



If you have just moved out from using Infusionsoft, then there is some stuff you would like to know before digging in your ActiveCampaign account.

Remember that if you have not migrated your contacts from Infusionsoft into ActiveCampaign that will be the first step before doing anything else. You can find all the information to migrate them here.

Your CRM in ActiveCampaign is named ‘Deals’

Available on Sales Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

There is a place too for those Infusionsoft’s former users that worked with its CRM. In ActiveCampaign that CRM can be found in the section named ‘Deals‘. A ‘deal’ is each one of the entries you can create in your CRM. You can open a ‘deal’ for each one of your contacts – and also leave contacts without ‘deals’ if you don’t need that for them.

The ‘deals’ in ActiveCampaign’s CRM are organised in pipelines and stages. A deal will only be able to be in a stage per pipeline, but it can be in several pipelines at the same time. You can think in a ‘pipeline’ like in the ‘conversion funnel’ that a ‘deal’ would have to go through in order to be converted in a client or customer.

If you used to have contacts filtered by companies, you can categorize them in a similar way in ActiveCampaign. When you create a new deal you will see the option of setting a ‘company’ field. Once you do that, you can get all the contacts and deals of a certain company at once if you

Integrations with third party tools

In the same way as you could integrate your Infusionsoft account with 3rd party tools and services, you will be able to integrate ActiveCampaign with more than 200 apps. You will find your access to the integrations with other applications through the Apps section (top navigation bar). From there, among other shortcuts, you will find a search box where you can type the tool you are looking for.

Zapier is the service we use to provide these integration, so if you are already familiar with the tool, you know how it works. If that’s not the case, this video explain how that works. Basically you can setup actions like “Every time something happens in this app > Do this in ActiveCampaign”. For instance: Every time there is new purchase done by Contact A in PayPal > Create a Contact A in ActiveCampaign and send him a series of emails.

If you have been using Infusion’s storefront feature to sell your stuff online, in ActiveCampaign you will have to integrate your ecommerce platform (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce) or your payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal) directly.

Broadcasts in Infusionsoft vs Automations and campaigns in ActiveCampaign

Campaigns are available on Marketing Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

‘Broadcast’ is now a term from your past. The terms that we use in ActiveCampaign to refer to emails either can be campaigns or automations, basically those in which you can automate a series of emails or other actions.

Using the email marketing feature in ActiveCampaign you can send regular campaigns (one-time emails) to a group of contacts or lists, auto-responders that are triggered after someone is added into a list, split campaigns (campaigns that have several variations of the same email), etc. On the other hand, in ActiveCampaign, you can send emails through automations. In an automation, you set conditions that determine if a contact should receive an email or not, starting points that trigger other actions, apply tags, etc. You can think in an ‘automation’ as a ‘campaign sequence’ in Infusionsoft.


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