How do I send a text only email campaign?

To create a Text only email campaign, create a new campaign. When you reach the “Design” step of the campaign creation process, you’ll see a variety of templates:

Click “Build from Scratch.”

You’ll be presented with a modal window allowing you to choose from additional campaign options.

Click “Text Only” to select it. Then click “Okay.” After specifying your sender information and creating your campaign’s subject line, click “Continue.”

You’ll be redirected to a plain text editor so that you can write the copy for your campaign.

Limitations of plain text emails

  • It’s not possible to track opens for plain text emails. Learn how ActiveCampaign tracks email opens.
  • You can track link clicks with plain text emails. To include a link in a plain text email, you'll need to type the entire URL, including the https:// or http://. For example, This link cannot be embedded into text. Note that not all email clients or devices may hyperlink your URL when the email is received by your contact.

If you want the look and feel of a plain text email and still track opens and embed your links into text, you will need to create an email using the Build From Scratch > Newsletter option and delete the image block from your email.

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