How do I schedule an email campaign


To send a campaign at a specific date and time, you use the Standard campaign type. The date and time of sending is set on the Campaign Summary screen (the fourth step of the campaign creation process).

How to schedule a campaign

  1. Click Campaigns on the left menu.
  2. Click "Continue" for the campaign you wish to schedule or create a new campaign.
  3. On the Campaign Summary page, scroll down to the "Schedule" section of the Campaign Summary page.
  4. Click the "Schedule" button.
  5. Set the date and time that you wish to schedule the campaign to send.
    • To select a specific date from the calendar view, click into the “Delivery Date” field and use the calendar to set the preferred date
    • Note the time zone that appears to the right of the time, as this is the time zone being used to schedule the campaign
  6. Click the "Set Schedule" button
  7. Click the "Finish" button on the top of the page to schedule the campaign. Note that if the button reads "Send Now" instead of "Finish," you have not successfully scheduled your campaign to send at a later point. Check to make sure your date and time are saved in the "Schedule" section.

To view the scheduled campaign, click the "Type" dropdown on the Campaign Overview page and select "Scheduled."

To remove or disable the scheduled send, there are two options:

  • From the Campaign Summary page, in the "Schedule" section, click the "Remove schedule" button
  • From the Campaign Overview page, click the down caret for the campaign you wish to cancel. Then click "Disable"

  When making changes to the scheduled date and time fields, clicking the "Save and exit" hyperlink will revert the campaign back to a DRAFT status. Clicking the "Finish" button will save the campaign as SCHEDULE status.

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