How do I save a campaign as a template or reuse a past campaign?

You may wish to reuse a campaign after you’ve formatted it. You can save the campaign so that it appears in your list of templates. The next time you create a campaign, you can select that template as a starting point for the new campaign. 

Saving a campaign as a template:

Click “Campaigns” in the top menu to navigate to the Campaign Overview screen.

In the list of campaigns that appears, find the campaign that you want save as a template. Your drafts will appear first and your sent campaigns will appear below them.

Click the down arrow to the right of the campaign name:

You will be redirected to your list of templates. The template you just added will appear first in the list. 

Using a past campaign as a template:

Click “Campaigns” in the top menu.

Click “New Campaign” to begin the campaign creation process.

Give your campaign a name and then select the list you will send to.

At the “Design” step of the campaign creation process you will see a variety of designer template thumbnails displayed. Above the thumbnails there is a button to toggle between “Templates” and “Past Campaigns.” Click “Past Campaigns” to display the campaigns you've sent in the past.

Place your cursor over the campaign you'd like to use as a starting point for your new campaign and click “Use This Design.”

For a quick how-to on saving an automation email as a template, click here.

For more in-depth information on templates, check out this Guide.

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