How do I apply tags to groups of contacts at once?



You can add or remove a tag from a group of contacts by conducting an advanced search, then using the bulk editor.

To learn how follow these steps:

  1. Click Contacts in the left side menu to navigate to the Contacts Overview page.
  2. Click into the search field, then click "Advanced Search."

  3. The floating segment builder will appear. You can use this to find the group of contacts you wish to apply a tag to, or remove a tag from. Once you've supplied your search conditions, click "Search."

  4. A list of contacts who meet your search conditions will load. Verify that you wish to add a tag to, or remove a tag from the contacts listed. Then, click the "Edit All" button.


  5. The bulk editor will appear. To add a tag to contacts, click the "Add a tag" option and type the tag you wish to apply, then click the "Add" button.


    To remove a tag from the selected contacts, click the "Remove a tag" option and type the tag you wish to remove from contacts. Then click the "Remove" button.


  6. Click the "Apply" button.


  7. A confirmation window will appear. Click the "Apply changes" button. Note that once you click this button, the action cannot be canceled or undone.


    Your changes will begin processing immediately in the background.
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