How to send a date-based campaign


There may be a time when you want to send out an email campaign to your contacts based on a certain date such as a birthday, anniversary, or when they joined your list. You can send the campaign relative to a contact's date field with a date-based campaign. This type of campaign can be sent to your contacts on, before, or after any date field that you specify. The field can be a custom date field that you create or a system default field, such as a list subscription date.

If you wish to send your contacts a series of emails based on a certain date, such as an event, you will want to use a date-based automation. Similar to the date-based campaign, using a date-based automation will allow you to begin a series of chained actions that is triggered by a date (rather than just sending a single campaign relative to a date).

Create a date-based campaign

  1. Click Campaigns > “Create a Campaign.”
  2. On the Campaigns Type page:
    • Type the name of the campaign into the field provided
    • Select the “Date Based” option
    • Click “Next”
  3. The Campaign Summary page will load. Supply information into the fields provided or start creating your design. For more information on this topic, visit “A look at the new campaign workflow.”
  4. The Campaign Summary page will contain a “Date Based Delivery” section. Here you can choose when and how often the date based campaign will run:
    • Sends - Choose from “On,” “Before,” or “After”
    • In the next field, click the dropdown and select the date field you want to use
    • In the third field, click the dropdown to choose “Yearly” or “Once Only”
  5. To schedule your campaign, Click the “Finish” button on the top right.

Your campaign will now go out to contacts as they meet your date requirement. The send time is dependent on what time zone your account is set to.

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