How to create and edit a pipeline

The Deals & CRM feature is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

A pipeline is a defined set of stages for a sales process. You can create any number of pipelines. You may have one sales process for selling ads, one for selling a subscription service, or one for following up with existing customers to try to upsell them.

In this article, we'll show you how to:

Create a new pipeline

1. Click the "Deals" option located in the left navigation menu.

2. Click on the pipeline dropdown.

3. Click "Add Pipeline."

4. A "Create a New Pipeline" window will pop up. In this box, type the name of the pipeline in the name field and select a default currency in the currency dropdown.

USD will be selected by default.

While all deals in this new pipeline will have the currency you select here, you can use a different currency for individual deals at any time.

5. Under Permissions, select which user group in your account will be able to view and access this pipeline.

You can choose one group or multiple groups by clicking them.

You can also give all groups permission to view the pipeline by selecting "All Groups."

6. Once you have selected which group(s) have permission to view the pipeline, you can choose how you wish to automatically distribute deals.

Deals can be automatically assigned using Round Robin or Distributed Based on Value. You can also choose to disable automatic assignment.

7. If you're choosing to automatically assign deals, you can select which user(s) in the selected user group will be assigned these deals. To do so, click the users dropdown and click users to select them.

You can select one user, more than one user, or all users.

If you are choosing to disable automatic deal assignment, this option will not be available. You will need to manually select a deal owner when creating the deal.

8. Click the "Save" button to save your new pipeline.

Your new pipeline will load and display three default stages: To Contact, In Contact, and Follow Up.

Edit a pipeline

You can edit the following properties for any pipeline in your account at any time:

  • Pipeline name
  • Default currency
  • How deals are assigned
  • Which user(s) should be assigned deals (automatic deal assignment only)
  • Which user group(s) has permission to view the pipeline

To learn how to edit any of these items, follow these steps:

1. From the Deals page, click the pipeline dropdown and select the pipeline you wish to edit.

2. Click the gear icon next to the pipeline name.

3. Click "Options" from the dropdown.

4. The "Pipeline Options" window will open. Make any desired changes and click "Save."

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