How to create a task for a deal

The Task feature is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Tasks are to-do items that you can create for your deals.

In this article, we'll show you how to create a deal task.

 For a complete list of automation actions available to you throughout the platform (including CRM), please visit What actions can you do in an ActiveCampaign automation?

Creating a deal task

1. From the Deals page, locate the deal you wish to create a task for.

2. Click the deal to open it. 

Click the deal

3. The Deal Details page will open. Click "Add a Task" in the Tasks widget.

Click Add a Task

3. A "Create Task" modal will appear. Type the name of the task into the field provided. Then use the dropdown fields to:

  • Select the task type
  • Assign the task to another user on your account
  • Set a due date
  • Set a due time
Provide information about the task

Deal tasks can only be assigned to an account user who has permission to view the pipeline.

If you choose not to assign the task to another user, we will automatically assign the task to you.

4. Next, set a reminder for the task (optional). Task reminders are sent to the task assignee via email. To set the reminder, click "Show more options" then click the "Send a Reminder" option.

Create a task reminder

Then click the dropdown field below "Send a Reminder" and choose when the reminder should be sent.

Set a task reminder time

You can create multiple reminders for a single task by clicking "Add Reminder" in the Create Task modal. For example, you can have a reminder set up to send 3 days, 1 day, and 1 hour before the the task due date and time.

5. Now you can choose to trigger an automation when the task is saved or when it's marked as complete. This step is optional.

To trigger an automation for your task, click the "Trigger an automation" option.

Trigger an automation for the task

A dropdown will appear. Click the dropdown and click the automation you wish to add a contact to. The contact being added to the automation will be the contact you are creating a deal task for.  

Then click if you want the contact added to your automation when the task is added or when it's marked as complete.

Choose an automation trigger option

6. As a last step, you can type a short description for the task. This step is optional. Providing a description may be helpful to include so you or your teammates have more context regarding the task. To provide a short description, type it into the "Task Description" box provided.

7. When finished, click the "Add Task" button.

Provide a task description

The task will be saved and will be listed on the details page for your deal.

The task is listed on the deal details page
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