How do I preview personalization tags in my campaigns?

Some personalization tags will not work with test emails because there are no data values to be inserted. However you can preview your campaign or automation email for a contact to see how personalization tags will render for that specific contact.

To learn how, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Campaign Summary page for your campaign or automation email.

For campaigns: From the Campaign Overview page, click "Edit" for the email you wish to view personalization tags for. Then click "Summary" at the top of the page.

For automation emails: From the automation builder, hover your mouse over the automation email, then click "Edit." Then click the green "Next" button to go to the Campaign Summary page.

2. Click "Desktop Preview."

3. A preview of the campaign will open.

Type a contact's email address into the email address field located on the top right:

4. Click the "Preview" button.

The preview will reload and will display how the email will look to the contact once it is sent.

This preview will not display preheader text. To see how preheader text would render a personalization tag, you must send the email to a list of test contacts. Click here to learn how to test your campaigns.

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