How do I insert personalization tags into my campaigns?

Personalizing emails with a contact's name or other custom field information can increase engagement with your communications and improve a contact's experience with your brand.

You can insert personalization tags in the body of any campaign or automation email you create. When the email is sent to a contact, that tag will be replaced by a value specific to the recipient. For example, if you wanted to insert a contact's first name in a campaign, you would use the following personalization tag in an email:


When a contact receives your email, they will see their own name populated in the message.

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In this article, we'll show you how to:

Personalize the body of an email created with the Campaign Designer

The campaign designer contains drag-and-drop content blocks that you can use to create a campaign.

1. From the campaign designer of a campaign or automation email, select a text block in your campaign, then place your cursor where you want the tag to be inserted.

2. A modal toolbar will appear. Click the "Personalize" button.

3. Click on the personalization tag you wish to insert. In this example, we're going to insert the first name personalization tag.

The tag will be inserted into your email:

Personalize the body of an email that uses custom HTML

1. From the code editor of an email that uses custom HTML, click the area where you want to add a personalization tag, then click "Insert":

2. Then click "Personalized Content" from the list of options that appear:

3. Click the field you wish to insert.

If you're working from the visual editor, click the area where you would like to add the personalization tag, then click "Personalize Message."

Then select which tag you would like to insert.

Personalize the body of an email that uses plain text

If you wish to include personalization on any plain text emails you create:

1. Click the "Insert" button:

2. Click "Personalized Content."

3. Click the personalization tag you wish to insert:

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