Troubleshooting Facebook Custom Audiences


In this article, we'll discuss two of the most common issues our users experience with the Facebook Custom Audiences integration and how to troubleshoot them.

To learn more about the Facebook Custom Audiences feature, read the Facebook Custom Audiences help article or watch the Let's Learn: Facebook Custom Audiences video.

Contacts are stuck in my Facebook Custom Audiences automation action

This usually happens if you have not yet accepted Facebook's Custom Audience Terms of Service.

There are two steps you need to take to resolve this issue:

  1. Accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms of Service
    Doing so will prevent this issue happening in the future with your automations. Note that you will need to log into your Facebook account to view the Terms of Service.
  2. Open a ticket with our Customer Experience Team
    Unfortunately, accepting the Terms of Service will not release "stuck" contacts from your Facebook Custom Audiences automation action(s). Once we receive your ticket, we'll work with you and our team of developers to get the contacts unstuck and move to the next step in your automation.

Accepting Facebook's Custom Audiences Terms of Service

Click the links below to learn more about accepting Facebook's Custom Audiences Terms of Service.

If you have multiple Facebook Custom Audiences:

You will need to accept Terms of Service for each audience in each of your accounts.

If you are using a Personal Facebook Ad Account:

Click here to navigate to the Custom Audiences Terms.

Then click the Account dropdown on the top left to select the Ad Account, then click the "Accept" button.

We also recommend accepting the following terms with Facebook in addition to the Custom Audiences Terms:

If you are using a Business Manager Account:

Click here to go to the Business Manager Facebook Custom Audiences Terms of Service page to accept Terms of Service.

You can also create a Custom Audience from within your Facebook Business Manager's interface, which will prompt you to accept Custom Audience Terms.

"An unexpected error occurred while trying to create the custom Facebook Audience" error message

This error message may appear when you try to create a Facebook Custom Audience from within your ActiveCampaign account.

To resolve this issue, we recommend reconnecting the integration. Doing so will reauthenticate your integration and can help resolve errors coming from Facebook Custom Audiences to ActiveCampaign that can interrupt data syncing.

To reconnect the integration:

  1. Go to the Settings > Integrations page in your ActiveCampaign account.
  2. Click the “Manage” button.
  3. Click the “Reconnect.”

If you are using the "Add to Facebook Custom Audience" or the "Remove from Facebook Custom Audience" automation actions, you will need to remove these actions from your automation(s) and re-add them.

If you are still experiencing the same issue, then it can indicate that:

Each of these items will need to be verified within your account and/or with Facebook.

Once these items are verified and if the issue still persists, submit a ticket to our Customer Experience Team.

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