How do I add a form to an email?

Embedding form code into an email is not recommended for a variety of reasons:

  • The code generated can trigger SPAM filters.
  • The form uses javascript code, which email clients typically don’t render. This means that the form will not always be functional.
  • Email clients inconsistently render CSS, which forms also use. This means that the form will not always render as expected.

If you wish to include a form in a campaign or automation email, it’s best practice to include a link in your email that will direct contacts to a page where your form is hosted. Not only will this help you avoid the SPAM folder, but you can also track link clicks and site visits.

To learn how to add a link to your form in an email, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Forms page in your account.

2. Click the Edit button for the form you wish to add to your email.

3. The form builder will open. Click the “Integrate” button:

4. Click the “Link” tab.

5. Highlight the URL in the URL field and copy the link.

6. Click “Save  Exit.”

7. Navigate to your Campaign or Automation email and click “Edit” to open it.

8. Locate the text that you would like to embed with your form link and highlight it with your mouse:

9. Click the Link icon located in the modal toolbar:

10. Paste the form link into the URL field provided:

11. Click “OK.”

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