How do I add a label to an automation?



Labels are keywords that you can create and apply to your automations to keep them organized. You may want to use labels if you have several automations in your account, and would like to filter them by label. This makes it easier for you to find information quickly. While similar to folders, labels offer more flexibility as you can assign more than one label to an automation.

Note: The Automations, Forms, and Campaigns overview pages share the same labels.

How to add a label to a single automation

  1. From the Automations overview page, hover over the automation you wish to add a label to.
  2. Click the "Add Label" link under the automation name.


  3. A label dropdown will appear. Click the label you wish to apply to your automation.


    The label is now added to the selected automation:


How to add a label to multiple automations

  1. From the Automations overview page, click the checkbox next to the automation(s) you wish to apply a label to.


  2. Click the "Add Label" dropdown.


  3. Click the label you wish to apply to your automation(s).


    The label will be applied to the selected automation(s).


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