How do I update deals that trigger an automation?

CRM automation actions are available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

When you add any one of the following actions to update a deal in an automation:

  • Update title
  • Complete task
  • Add task
  • Adjust score
  • Update value
  • Add note
  • Update stage
  • Update status
  • Update owner

You can select the "Triggered Deal" option from the "Affects" dropdown list to ensure that the deal being updated is the same deal that triggered your automation to start:

This option will be selected by default for any new deal actions you add to your automation. In addition, this option is only available when you use any of the following automation triggers:

  • Enters pipeline
  • Deal Stage changes
  • Deal Status changes

If you were to remove any of the above mentioned triggers when using the "Triggered Deal" option, then you will receive the following error message in the automation workflow builder:

As well as in the action modal:

Example of how it works:

Let's say that you want to create an automation that adds a task to a deal, as soon as that deal enters a pipeline.

To do that, you would use the "Enters pipeline" start trigger and select the desired pipeline. Then you would use the "Add task" action and select "Triggered deal" to create a task for that same deal that entered the pipeline.

If you were to use "Most recent deal for this contact" instead, then the deal that gets updated may not necessarily be the same one that triggered the automation to run.

If you manually add a contact to an automation, (eg, add a contact to an automation from their profile page or the bulk editor), then they would skip the action that uses the "Triggered Deal" option.  

The "Triggered Deal" option will only work if contacts enter your automation through the following triggers:

  • Enters pipeline
  • Deal Stage changes
  • Deal Status changes
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