How do I install the ActiveCampaign mobile app for iOS?

In this article, you'll learn how to install the ActiveCampaign mobile app for iOS.

Take note

The full ActiveCampaign mobile app is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Lite plan accounts can use the app to access and manage contacts as well as view campaign reports.

The ActiveCampaign mobile app supports iOS 14.0 and higher.

Install the ActiveCampaign mobile app for iOS

1. Open your Apple store app and search for the ActiveCampaign mobile app.

2. Tap the download icon.


3. Tap "Open."

4. Log into your account by providing your account URL, username, and password.

If you're not sure about your account information, no worries! Just tap either "Reset Password" or "Forgot Account Details?" and follow the prompts to access your account.

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