How do I add a contact using the Deals CRM mobile app?

The Deals CRM mobile app is available for accounts on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional 
  • Enterprise

In addition, the Deals CRM mobile app supports iOS 10 and higher.

With the ActiveCampaign mobile app for Deals CRM, adding contacts to your account is easy.

To get started, follow these steps:

1. From either the Contacts or Deals overview screen, tap the green action button.

2. Tap the "Add Contact" option.

3. Using the keyboard on your iPhone, enter the following information for the new contact:

  • Email address (required)
  • First name (optional)
  • Last name (optional)
  • Phone (optional)
  • Organization (optional)

4. Tap "Next."

5. On the additional info screen tap the "Tap to add" option to set custom field values. Tap "Add Tag" to add a tag(s), and tap "List Name" to add the contact to a list. You can also set the contact's list status by tapping the list status option.

6. Tap "Create."

The contact is now added to your account:

It is not possible to add more than one contact at a time with Deals CRM mobile app. If you wish to import multiple contacts, you will need to use the desktop version of our platform. Click here to learn more.

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