How do I sort deals by their Win Probability value?

Win Probability is available on the following plans:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise

You can sort deals in a stage by their Win Probability value. This will allow you to list deals you're most likely to win toward the top (or bottom) of a particular stage.

To learn how, follow these steps:

1. From the Deals overview page, click the pipeline dropdown to display your pipelines, and click the pipeline you wish to work with:


2. Click the gear icon for the stage you wish to sort by Win Probability values, and click "Edit this stage."


3. Click the Deal Sorting dropdown and click "Win Probability" from the list of sorting options.


4. Choose Ascending or Descending and click "Save."



Deals in your stage will be sorted by their Win Probability value:


Note: These configurations are made on the stage level. If you want all stages in your pipeline to display these values, you must make these updates to each stage.

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