How do I see the Win Probability value for a deal?


The Win Probability value for a deal is a percentage that tells you how likely that deal is to be "Won."

This value is located on the "Deal Info" card for a deal.

To view this score, open a deal with one of these two methods:

  • From the Deals overview page, click on a deal from a pipeline
  • From the contact's profile page, Click the "Deals" tab, then click a deal

If the Win Probability value for a deal is between 6% and 94%, we'll display that exact value in the "Deal Info" box:


A Win Probability value that is less than or equal to 5% will be displayed as "Less than 5%":

A Win Probability value that is  i will be displayed as "Greater than 95%":


If a value does not yet exist, it will say "Not yet calculated":


If you do not have 100-150 deals correctly marked as Won in a pipeline, you will see a "Not yet calculated" message instead of a percentage value for Win Probability. Learn about predicting which deals are most likely to win.

Learn more about the Win Probability feature.

Learn how to mark deals as Won or Lost.

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