How do I find contacts located in the EU?

Even if you have not been using a custom field to collect country information from your contacts, you can still create an advanced search for contacts located in any of the 28 European Union (EU) countries using the Geography > Country condition in the segment builder.

With Advanced Search, you can search for contacts in 20 countries at a time using "Or" logic, then use the bulk editor to tag those contacts with "EU" so you can easily identify them later. Since you will be looking for contacts in 28 countries, you will need to perform the advanced search and bulk edit twice. 

Follow the steps below to learn how:

1. Click "Contacts" to navigate to the Contacts Overview page.

2. Click the "Search contacts" field and click "Advanced search."

3. The Segment Builder will appear. Click the "Condition" dropdown.

4. If you have already been collecting country information for all contacts via custom field, click "Custom fields" then select that specific custom field you created, and follow steps 6-15 below.

If you have not been collecting country information via custom field, click the "Geography" condition.

The "Geography" option will search for contacts based on their IP address.

Note that the contacts gathered in this search condition may not always be 100% accurate. For example, if a US-based contact interacted with a campaign while traveling in France, we would gather that IP address from France and they would show up in an advanced search for contacts located in France. In addition if a contact from another EU country, such as Spain, was added to your ActiveCampaign account via API and not an ActiveCampaign form, we would not have their location determined until they interacted with a campaign.

To learn more about how we determine a contact's location, see this help article.

5. The "Geography" option category will expand. Click "Country."

6. Click the value field to display a list of countries then click a country in the EU to select it.

You can only select one country at a time in a single condition.

7. Next, click "Or" to add another condition to your search, following steps 3-6 above until you have 20 countries in the EU listed in a single advanced search using "Or" logic:

8. Click the "Search" button to locate contacts who are located in any of those 20 countries.

9. Click the "Edit All" button.

10. The Bulk Editor will open. Click "Add a tag" from the Actions column.

11. Type the tag you would like to apply to your contacts into the field provided and click the blue "Add tag" button. In this example, we're going to type "EU."

12. Click the "Apply Changes" button.

13. Click the "Apply Changes to X contact" button in the modal to confirm the edit.

14. The Bulk Editor will add the tag to all contacts that were located in the advanced search. Click "OK" to close the confirmation message.

15. Follow steps 2-13 above to search for and tag contacts in the remaining EU countries.

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