How do I create copy of an automation?

Creating a copy, or duplicate, of an automation in your account is easy and only takes a few moments to do. To learn how to create a copy of an automation, follow these steps:

1. From the Automations Overview page, locate the automation you wish to copy.

2. Click the down caret for that automation. The down caret is located next to the "Edit" button.

3. Click "Copy."

4. A modal window with a message will appear, asking you if you're sure you wish to copy the automation. Click "Yes, Copy."

5. A second modal will appear with a confirmation message. Click "Close" to close the message, or click "Edit Automation" to make edits to the copied version of your automation.

The automation copy will appear at the top of the Automations Overview page:

  • "(copy)" will appear as part of the automation name.
  • Labels that were applied to the original automation will be applied to the copy.
  • The automation will be turned Off by default.
  • Contacts in the original automation will not be carried into the copied version.
  • Any edits you make to the copy will not affect the original, and vice versa.

If you wish to share your automation with another ActiveCampaign user instead, you can create a share link for that automation. The other ActiveCampaign user can use that share link to import a copy of your automation.

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