Tag Counts report

The Tag Counts report is available for accounts on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Tag Counts report displays tags and the number of contacts the tags were applied to. 

With this report, you will be able to:

  • Set a date range to see which tags were applied to contacts within that timeframe, and how many contacts received those tags
  • Export the data into a CSV, TXT, Excel (2007 or later), JSON, HTML, or Markdown file

All account users can access this report.

How to access the Tag Counts report

1. Click "Reports" located in the leftside menu.

2. Click "Contact Reports."

3. Click "Tag Counts."

The Tag Counts report will list all tags that exist in your account. The date range fields at the top will be blank:

Setting a date range will dynamically update which tags appear in the report. Once a date range is set, only tags that have been applied to contacts within that range will appear. 

To set a date range, click on either the start date field or the end date field. Then click the calendar icon to select a date.

In addition, you can click the column headers to sort the report data in ascending or descending order. 

Information included in the Tag Counts report

The Tag Counts report will include the following:

  • Name
    Name of the tag
  • # of Contacts
    Number of contacts that had tags applied to them within the time frame you selected

Exporting the Tag Counts report

To export the report, follow these steps:

1. Hover your mouse over the report and click the vertical ellipsis that appears.

2. Click "Download Data."

3. Click "Download" to export the data as a CSV, TXT, Excel (2007 or later), JSON, HTML or Markdown file.

This report will time out after 90 seconds. If you wait longer than 90 seconds to export this report, then the file exported will be blank. If this happens, we recommend refreshing your browser and try exporting again.

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