Personalize campaigns and automation emails with Deep Data information

Deep Data personalization tags are made available after you set up a Deep Data integration. See the following help articles for more information about Deep Data integrations:

Shopify Deep Data integration

WooCommerce Deep Data integration

BigCommerce Deep Data integration

Square Deep Data integration

You can use Deep Data personalization tags in your campaigns and automation emails. Doing so lets you dynamically display contact-specific content in your messaging. 

Below is a list of personalization tags made available after you set up a Deep Data integration:

Tag name Personalization Tag
Contact's total revenue %ECOMMERCE_TOTAL_REVENUE%
Contact's total # of orders %ECOMMERCE_TOTAL_ORDERS%
Total # of products ordered
Price of last order
Currency of last order
Shipping method of last order
Product count of last order
ID of last product purchased
Name of last product purchased
Category of last product purchased

To use any of the Deep Data personalization tags, follow these steps:

  1. From your campaign or automation email, locate where you would like to insert the Deep Data personalization tag.
  2. Click into that spot and a modal toolbar will appear. Click “Personalize.”
  3. Click “eCommerce” in the “Add a personalization” modal window.
  4. Click the Deep Data tag you wish to insert. 

For more information about personalization tags, see this help article.

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