Custom Deal Field Overview

Custom deal fields are part of the Deals CRM feature. They are available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

In ActiveCampaign, you can use custom fields to capture important information related to a deal. For example, you can use these fields to capture forecasted close dates, products or services the lead is interested in, a lead's geographic location, reasons why a deal was lost, and more. Capturing this information allows you and your team to better understand deals in your pipeline. In addition, you can include deal-specific information in your outgoing emails to contacts with deal field personalization tags. 

How to create a custom deal field

You can create an unlimited number of custom deal fields. Custom deal fields can be created from the Manage Fields page and from any deal record.

Note that only users who have permission to manage custom deal fields will be able to create and access these fields.

Create a custom deal field from the Manage Fields page

  1. Click either “Forms” or “Lists” located in the left menu.
  2. Click “Manage Fields.”
  3. Click the “Deals” tab on the “Manage Fields” page.
  4. Click the “New Custom Deal Field” button.
  5. Select the type of field you wish to create, then click “Next.”
  6. Type the field name into the field provided and add any answer options (if applicable).
  7. Click the “Add Deal Field” button.

Create a custom deal field directly from a deal page

  1. From the Deals page, click any deal.
  2. Click the “Add Field” button located on the Deal page.
  3. Select the type of field you wish to create and click “Next.”
  4. Type the field name into the field provided and add any answer options (if applicable).
  5. Click the “Add Deal Field” button.

Once a custom deal field is created, it will be located under “Deals” on the Manage Fields page where you can edit it.

In addition, the new field will appear on all deals in all pipelines as well as in the segment builder as a condition under Custom Deal Fields. You can use this condition to create list segments for email campaigns, “If/Else” forks in automations, set up “Split test” automations, update a deal or contact score, create Goal actions in automations, and more. 

Note that custom deal fields are not available when creating conditional content in your emails. 

Custom deal field types

You can create a variety of different custom field types. They include:

  • Text input
    This is a traditional text input field that stores a short piece of data that you or someone on your team would type. For example, phone number, service tracking number, or account ID.
  • Text area
    This field type allows you or someone on your team to type multiple lines of text so you can store more data. For example, needs/opportunities, pain points/challenges, or background information about the lead.
  • Number
    This field type can be used to store a string of numbers written in decimal form. Note that the numbers in this field can contain two decimal places. You may want to use this to store the number of times a contact visited your site, how many days until their membership expires, and more.
  • Money
    This field type can be used to store monetary values. In addition, you will be able to select a default currency when creating the money field and you can select a different currency when updating the value of that field for a deal. You may want to use this to store discounts or recurring revenue.
  • Date
    This is used to specify a date and includes month, day, and year. You can either type the date or select it from a calendar. This can be used to collect forecasted close dates, contract end date, or subscription date.
  • Drop-down menu
    This uses a predefined set of options that you or someone on your team can select when creating or updating a deal. Only one value can be selected. You may want to use this to select how a lead heard about your services, a lead’s geographic location/region, or won/loss reason.
  • Multi-selection list
    This field type displays a list of predefined options that you can choose from. You will need to shift-click to choose more than one answer option for this field. You can use this field to capture purchased products or what technologies they most often use.
  • Radio button
    This custom field type functions the same as the drop-down menu field type; you can only choose one answer from a list of predefined answers. However, the visual representation is different. You can use this to store demographic information such as age ranges or whether or not the lead is qualified. 
  • Check box(es)
    This custom field type allows you to choose one or more answer options from a predefined list of options. For example, you can use this to capture other services that the lead is interested in. 
  • Hidden field
    This custom field type is a text field and is not visible to contacts when used on a form. You can use this to assign pieces of information to contacts when they submit a form. The ability to use custom deal fields on a form is coming soon. Read more about hidden fields here.

Update a custom deal field value

Custom deal field values can be updated manually from the deal record or with the "Update custom field" automation action.

Update a custom deal field from the deal record

  1. From the Deals overview, click the deal you wish to work with.
  2. Locate the custom field you wish to add or change the value for.
  3. Click the value for the custom field. If the field does not yet have a value, it will say “Click to add” instead. 
  4. Either type or select the value you wish the custom field to reflect for this specific deal.
  5. Click “Save.”

Update a custom deal field value with an automation

  1. From your automation, drag and drop the CRM > Update Custom Field action into your desired spot within the automation.
  2. A “Deal Field to Update” modal will appear. Click the field dropdown to select the field you wish to update.
  3. Click any of the options to either enter a new value, copy data from an existing contact field, or clear an existing value. For money and number fields, you can only enter a new value or clear an existing value.
  4. If you’re choosing to enter a new value, type it into the field provided. If you’re choosing to copy data from an existing contact field, select the contact field you wish to use from the dropdown that appears for that option. 
  5. In the “Affects” dropdown, choose the deal that should be updated. 
  6. In the “Pipeline” dropdown, select which pipeline the deal needs to be in in order for the field to be updated.
  7. Click “Save.” 

Any contact with a deal who encounters this step in your automation will have their custom deal field updated to reflect the value you selected for their deal. 

Learn more about the "Deal Field to Update" automation action.

Edit or delete a custom deal field

From the Manage Fields page, hover your mouse over the field you wish to edit and click the "Edit" option that appears to the right.

A modal window will open and the following configuration options will display:

You will be able to edit the following properties for your field:

  • Field name
    This is the name of the field you created. Once updated, the change will be reflected on the Manage Fields page, deal pages, any automations that refer to this field, and the segment builder.
  • Edit or add value options (if applicable)
    This applies to dropdown, radio button, check box, or multi select field types only. Here you can edit the value options you’ve already created, add new value options, remove a value option, or change the order in which the value options appear. 
  • Set a default value for the field
    Some of your deals may not have a value for the field you create and will appear as blank. With the default value, you can select which value should show in that custom field instead of no value. It is not possible to set a default value for money or number fields.
  • Use advanced options
    This applies to dropdown, radio button, check box or multi select field types only. With this option, you can create a field that will list U.S. states or countries as value options for your field.

To delete a field at any time, click the checkbox next to the field you wish to delete then click the “Delete” button. In the modal window that appears, click the “I understand” toggle to "Yes" and click the “Delete” button.

Note that deleting the field will also permanently delete any data contained in this field for your deals. The action cannot be undone.  

Deal field personalization tags

Personalization tags are generated for the following standard deal fields in your account:

  • Deal Title
  • Deal Description
  • Deal Owner
  • Deal Value
  • Deal Status
  • Deal Pipeline
  • Deal Stage
  • Created
  • Last Updated

In addition, we generate personalization tags for every custom deal field you create.

All deal field personalization tags will be prefixed with "Deal_" in order to differentiate them from contact field personalization tags.

You can use personalization tags to dynamically insert a deal field's value into your communications, including campaigns, automation emails, templates, email subject lines, email pre-header text, one-to-one emails, and SMS messages. Doing so creates a personalized experience for your contacts and can increase engagement. In addition, this will help you share information about a deal with your Sales team with ease.

To locate these tags:

  1. Click either "Forms" or "Lists" in the left menu.
  2. Click the "Manage Fields" option.
  3. Click the "Deals" tab

Learn more about using personalization tags in your campaigns, subject lines, and preheader text.

Learn how to add a default value to personalization tags.

Using custom deal fields

Custom deal fields can be used for more than just storing information about your deals. For example, you can:

Custom deal fields are not available when creating conditional content in your campaigns or automation emails.

  • Update custom deal field values in an automation
    You can use the “Update custom field” action in an automation to update the value of a custom deal field. With this action, you can select which custom deal field to update and either enter a new value, copy the data from an existing contact field, or clear the existing value of the custom deal field.
  • Filter pipelines by custom deal fields
    You can filter deals in your pipeline by both custom deal fields and deal details. Doing so will help you quickly find specific deals. 
  • Trigger an automation to run when a deal field changes
    You can use the "Field Changes" trigger to start an automation whenever a custom deal field changes. 
  • Personalize communications
    Increase engagement with your campaigns and automation emails with personalization tags. When a personalization tag is used in a campaign or automation email, the value of that tag will automatically be inserted once the communication is sent to a contact. When the contact opens the communication, they will see the value for that tag and not the tag itself.

The following functionalities are not available with custom deal fields at this time:

  • Adding fields to forms (Coming Soon)
    Only contact fields can be used on forms.
  • Import/Export fields
    It's not possible to perform a CSV import of custom deal fields. You can only import contact fields. In addition, it’s not possible to export deals or custom deal fields.  
  • Bulk Editor
    It's not possible to use the bulk editor to update the value of a custom deal field.
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