Image Editor

You can use the Image Editor to crop and edit images you've added to campaigns and automation emails.

How to access the Image Editor

The Image Editor can be accessed from the Content Manager library or from the Campaign Designer.

Access and use the Image Editor from the Content Manager

To access the Image editor from the Content Manager:

  1. Click on Campaigns.
  2. Click on the Content Manager tab.
  3. Open an image and click on the editing options that appear.
Access and use the Image Editor from the Campaign Designer
  1. From the Campaign Designer for your campaign or automation email, click and drag an image block into your campaign.
  2. A modal toolbar will appear. Click the "new image" icon to open the Content Manager from inside the Campaign Designer.
  3. From your image library in the Content Manager, hover over your desired image until another toolbar appears.
  4. Click on the pencil icon to edit the image.

5. The Image Editor will load and you can begin customizing the image. Any changes made to the image in your campaign or automation email will not affect the original image stored in the Content Manager. 

6. Select the image to put it into your campaign.

Image editing options

The Image Editor offers several options that you can use to customize an image:


This option lets you reframe an image by trimming or removing outside edges. This will change the image's aspect ratio. To crop an image, click Crop. Using your mouse, select the area you want to keep. Note that you can drag the corners and sides of your selection. Make sure to press "Enter" to commit the change. After this, click "Save As" and from here you can save the changes or save it as a new image. All areas that were not included in the selection will be removed.


This option lets you flip the image either horizontally or vertically. To flip an image, click "Transform." To flip the image horizontally, click "Flip X." To flip an image vertically, click "Flip Y." You can also use the scroll bar to customize the image rotation clockwise or counterclockwise.


This option lets you type text directly on the image. You can add different stylings to text, such as bold, italic, and, underline. You can align your text to the left, center, or right within the text block.Click "Color"to use different color options and use the slider to adjust the size of your text. To add text to an image, click "Text."Click the styling options you wish to use and click the area where you want to add text. Add text to the text field. Note that you can use the corners and sides of the text field to resize and flip the text block. You can also adjust the placement of the text by dragging the text block.


This option lets you draw directly on the image using various colors and widths. You can also choose between "Freehand" draw and "Line" draw or use both in conjunction with one another. To draw on an image, click "Draw" then select "Freehand" or "Line," select your color, and select your width.


This option lets you place a shape over the image. You can choose from rectangle, circle, and triangle shapes. "Fill" lets you select a color to fill the image. "Border" let's you select a color for the shape's outline.  You can also use the slider to select the width of the border.

Undo and Redo changes

Clicking the "Undo" option will revert the last change you made to the image. You can click "Redo" to reapply the change to your image that was removed with the "Undo" button.

Reset edits

Clicking the "Reset edits" option will restore the image to its original version.

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