How do I start an automation from a conversation?

Conversations is available on all plans levels and can be purchased as an add-on to your account.

With the “Submits Form” automation trigger, you can add a contact created from a chat to an automation where you can take further actions on them. For example, you can add the tag, “Created from Chat” to denote that the contact was created from a chat conversation.

The visitor must submit their email address to the Email Capture Form in the chat widget. Once they do, they’ll become a contact in your account and can be added to your automation through the “Submits Form” trigger.

  1. From the Automations overview page, click the “New Automation” button.
  2. Click “Start from Scratch” then “Continue.”
  3. The Automation Trigger modal will open. Click “Submits a Form” and click “Continue.”
  4. In the Form dropdown, click “Conversations Chat Form.”
  5. Click the “Add Start” button.

Once the trigger is configured, you can build out your workflow by adding automation actions.  You can also use prebuilt automations specifically for contacts created from Conversations. These can be accessed in the automation recipe modal that appears when you click "New Automation." You can use these recipes to:

  • Send a follow-up message
  • Create a deal
  • Add to a custom Facebook Audience
  • Add a tag to all contacts or to new contacts
  • Add a local tag based on geographic location
  • And more

Note that there is no automation trigger for contacts created from a Conversations email.

Read the Creating an automation article to learn more about building automations and sending automated emails.

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