Conversations overview

  Conversations is no longer available for purchase as of January 3, 2023.

You can have two-way interactions with leads and customers using chat and email with ActiveCampaign’s Conversations feature. All customer conversations are stored in a unified inbox, allowing you and your team to easily manage communications as well as provide context around customer issues, questions, sales wins, interactions and more.

What is Conversations?

Conversations is an online platform that lets you engage with your customers via chat and email. All conversations are stored in a unified inbox that you and your team members can use to view and manage customer interactions.

With Conversations, you can:

  • Have two-way conversations with leads and customers via live chat and email.
  • Add a chat widget on your website to let customers contact you.
  • Respond to incoming chats in real-time or at a later time from your computer or mobile device.
  • Set up notifications for incoming chats.
  • Connect information from your chat to a contact’s profile record.
  • Respond to chats via email from your computer or mobile device.
  • Respond to inbound emails from contacts from the Conversations inbox.
  • Forward emails from your personal inbox the unified Conversations inbox.
  • Use with automations to create powerful, personalized experiences for your customers.

Only Primary Admins can activate Conversations. To do so, click “Conversations” in the left menu. From here, you can try it out for free by clicking “Start Free 14-day Trial”, or purchase seats as an add-on to your account right away. Conversations is available on all plan levels and is sold as an add-on to your ActiveCampaign account. Conversations costs $19/seat/month.

Why use Conversations?

  • Qualify and convert leads into customers
    When a prospective customer visits your site or engages with you online, you can engage with them in a conversation to help get them to purchase or convert.
  • Drive engagement with your brand
    With two-way conversations, you can meaningfully connect with leads and customers in the most relevant channel at the most convenient times while storing all interactions in your account. You can then use these interactions and any data collected from your interactions to create personalized experiences for your customers with automations.
  • Drive collaboration and efficiency across your teams
    For example, all interactions a customer has with a support team member will be captured and stored in one place. A sales rep can use this information to avoid upselling/cross-selling to any customers who are experiencing an issue with your solution. In addition, sales reps will also be able to see if there were any interactions with marketing and act upon any upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Conversations terminology

  • Agent
    A User of the ActiveCampaign platform who is using Conversations.
  • Avatar
    The image assigned to an Agent or Visitor that will display next to each message sent.
  • Chat bubble
    The chat user interface. When closed, it will display on either the bottom right or bottom left corner of your website.
  • Chat widget
    The chat functionality you have embedded on your website.
  • Conversations
    A product area from ActiveCampaign focused on multi-channel engagement with site visitors and contacts.
  • Seats
    Seats in Conversations are assigned to agents. Seats allow agents to reply to messages through the Conversations unified inbox. Seats can be assigned to any agent (or user) on your account at any time.
  • Visitor
    An individual who visits your website where you have Conversations embedded.
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